Welcome to Bath FX Academy!

Interested in FX trading? You have come to the right place. Bath FX Academy can give you the training you need whether you are interested in a career in FX trading or you simply want to learn about the world of FX trading. There are three stages to being part of Bath FX academy:

1. Learn

The learning stage involves using the educational material developed by the experienced City traders at INTEX Markets Ltd. They have put together a concise guide with all the information needed in order to be a successful FX trader. To gain access to the educational material, all you have to do is register with Bath FX academy for free. In addition, you will gain access to our ‘news’ page, which consists of analyses of how FX markets may be affected by world news. What you get out of this material depends on the effort you put into studying it; you will be able to put your acquired skills to the test by practising in our INTEX academy platform.

2. Practise

Once you feel confident enough about FX trading, you will be able to practise on a demo account in our INTEX academy platform. There will be a league table showing how all of the INTEX academies are performing with respect to each other. Here you will be able to see how you are performing with respect to other young traders and you will try to keep Bath high up in the league table!

3. Live Challenge

Once you feel confident on the demo account you will have the option to take part in the INTEX live challenge. Here, traders from all INTEX academies will compete against each other. The live challenge is the only part of the process that will cost you money — a small fee which will act as your opening trading balance. Traders who pass the challenge will be offered a position as a commission-based trader for INTEX Markets.